Shunt Regulator


I am looking to get a shunt regulator in our project. Following are the Spec

  1. DC motor driver “MDD20A” from cytron.
  2. 24V@100W DC brushed motors two.
  3. Meanwell power supply 24V@20A.

At full speed max power is 24V@~210W. If we stop suddenly then it has to dissipate all the regenerated power via shut regulator protecting DC power source as it’s connected to other sensitive devices.

Do you recommend any of your product that can solve this problem? I am looking “Shunt Regulator: 26.4V, 2.80Ω, 15W” but this won’t work in my case due to power.

Any recommendation of this would be very helpful.


Hi, Siva.

The electrical dissipation load when braking a motor depends a lot on the dynamics of the mechanical load. You might place a large static resistive load on your power supply in parallel with your motor driver to help protect the system and then monitor the current to the motor driver with something like an oscilloscope to get a better idea of the peak power and total energy required for your braking.

The 15W power rating for that board is intended primarily to indicate the relative average power-handling capability of the board for up to a few seconds, but it can handle much higher power loads (up to 250W) for periods of 10’s of ms. If you can collect and post here some more data about your power dissipation needs, we might be able to provide a more specific recommendation as to whether any of our shunt regulators would be appropriate.