Hello. I’m new here and also new to robotics. My reason for joining is that I am building a model ship, an oil rig support vessel, with a large number of features and I need to control them via a laptop. The ship is a Seabex One by Graupner, 1.5m long and weighing nearly 20kgs when finished. There will be a helicopter with lights, and sound - a fully-functioning crane - diving bell with divers - four water monitors for fire-fighting - wireless video camera rotating through 360 degress - smoke generator for the exhaust stacks, etc.

I’ve done a lot of model-making but this is my first venture into ships and radio control. I look forward to sharing this with you as time goes on and will appreciate any advice or comments, even criticism!

Hello, and welcome!

That definitely sounds like an exciting and challenging project, and we look forward to seeing your progress. Please be sure to post in our Support forum for any technical questions regarding components you will be using; be sure to provide specific details regarding your application and requirements, so that we may help. Good luck on your project!


Thanks Ken. I’ll certainly keep you posted. My father bought this model as a kit 20 years ago for £2,000. He never touched it and gave it to me a year ago. I’ve always had my eye on it so this is a dream come true. I hope I can do it justice. My grandsons are badgering me to finish it but there is a mountain of work to do yet! We have a swimming pool in our garden which ideal to test and practice in and Lake Trasimeno, the fourth largest lake in Italy just 20 minutes away.

An early photo just after it was finished.

I have done some modeling before as well, but your project sounds like quite the challenge. I am exited to see how the progress. :mrgreen: