ShiftBrite as Light Box

Hi, I currently have a project to build a camera testing lightbox, searching for a flexible light source to support all lighting conditions, I came across this ShiftBrite LED product in your site.

I am thinking is it possible to use ShiftBrite as light source for the lightbox similar to professional lighting equipment like Color Kinetics iW Blast 12 Powercore?

Some conditions I need to includes:

  1. Color Temperature control
  2. Lux / Brightness
  3. Programmable from PC

I’m familiar with your mini servo controller as I have built some projects based on it before. Can you provide me some suggestion on how many ShiftBrite are required as a proper light source?


I did a quick estimate using the specs of the device this calculator. It seems like you would need at least 50 ShiftBrites to get the same amount of total light output. But the ShiftBrites have a much wider beam angle, so you would not be able to make such a highly focused device with them.

I am not sure what you mean by our “mini servo controller”. Are you talking about Mini Maestro, which we just released this month?


Thanks for the suggestion. My target brightness is between 30 to 300 lux. So according to the no of ShiftBrite you suggested. Will there be a problem to chain them together? Is there any shiftBrite product with multiple LEDs on a single board or a higher powered LED to do the job?

I have bought quite a number of Micro Serial Servo controller from your last time. But recently I also bought 1 Mini Maestro to try out. So thinking can it be integrated in my new project. :wink:

Yes, we carry the 35,000 mcd Satellite Module designed for ~10V operation with the ShiftBar. The ShiftBar can also be used with common-anode LED modules from other suppliers or your own assemblies.

The whole point of the ShiftBrite/ShiftBar system is chaining, and the only issue that I know of with very very long chains is the signal propagation time. I advise reading over the datasheet before committing to a design.