Shiftbrite and 3.6V

I’m currently controlling several Shiftbrites with an Arduino Duemilanove. I would like to use these Shiftbrites on a 3.6V system. Is it possible to control the four logic inputs on such a system without making changes? I would power the Shiftbrites at 5V or more.

If I’m reading the datasheet correctly, I believe this would be ok, but reading datasheets is new to me.



We’ve controlled ShiftBrites with a 3.3V system (the Wixel), so it should work for you. The relevant part of the datasheet is the logic input voltage high threshold, which is 2.0V. Please note that the ShiftBrite’s specified minimum voltage is 5.5V, not 5V.

- Ryan

Thanks Ryan,

I didn’t realize that the Wixel was so versatile. I’ll probably be adding a pair to my collection of gadgets.