Shielding and interpretting ACS724

I just wanted to check the expected performance of these chips before they arrive tomorrow. I am using them for current sensing in two 12V motors. I don’t anticipate the motor current rising above 1A in either motors, so I’ve selected the -5 to 5A version. I understand the resolution is 400mV/A at 5V. I’m planning to power them off of the 5V pin on my Arduino.

However, I’ve been reading about issues involving noise and a possible need for shielding. I was planning to add these to my motor driver stack and plug the signal output into one of the Arduino’s A2-5 pins for reading the analog signal. Are there any possible issues you could forsee with this, and have you come across any shielding solutions to isolate these chips?


The ACS724 includes differential Hall sensing that substantially reduces interference from ambient magnetic fields, so you should not need any additional shielding. In case it is of interest, we did some quick tests to see how they are affected by ambient fields, and you can see a little more about those in our ACS724 blog post announcement. You can always do your own similar tests to determine to if you need to do anything more to get the kind of results you want.


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