Sharp sensor GP2Y0D810Z stops 3pi

Hi Donde,

Is the picture you included of the one that “fires over the bow?” Why do you think the rear side one did not detect as well?

- Ryan

The thing I did so far is lower the base speed to 100, from 200. I’ll increase speed in steps and see what happens. Both sensors seem to be helping each other.

First, I want to thank you for working up the great source code. :smiley: I have a long ways to go, and just try to learn by example, and add a few extras. Like, I added a while loop to stop motors after after about 3 minutes.

I moved the sensor to other side, thinking the 1st 4" detection is marginal. Response time and accuracy seem better. Also, I can get to the main on/off button much easier.
I wonder if mounting another one firing toward right, using PC5 would buy anything.
Thanks, donde