Sharp GP2Y0D815Z0F Digital Distance Sensor For continuous use?

Hi, I was just curious if anyone had any information / experience regarding the reliability of the Pololu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0D815Z0F Digital Distance Sensor for continuous use over long periods of time.

I just purchased a handful of these sensors to replace a lower-quality sensor that kept failing. In my particular project, the sensor “detects” an object for long periods of time and is used to detect when that object is moved out of position. The previous sensors I was using would fail after a few days of continuous use.

Thank you!


In our experience those sensors are reliable and we have not heard from our customers otherwise. If you describe how you plan to use the sensor and tell me more about your setup, like what power supply you plan on using, what voltage it will be supplying, and how you plan to read the Sharp distance sensor, I might be able to help you determine if there is anything concerning about your application.