Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F Digital Distance Sensor


We are having a problem with the Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F Digital Distance Sensor. We are running them of a 3.3v regulated supply. The data sheet says they can operate from 2.7v to 6v but when running of 3.3v the small red “object detected” LED on the back of the pcb keeps flashing intermittently even when there is no objects in the devices range. When operated from 5-6v they work fine but we need them to operate at 3.3v.
Has anyone any suggestions.


The sensor uses power in bursts to pulse the IR LED; I suspect that when you use the 3.3V power source, these sudden bursts are causing the voltage to drop below the operating range. To alleviate this, you could try placing a capacitor (10uF or greater) between power and ground somewhere near the sensor.

If that does not work, could you tell me about the 3.3V power supply and how long your wires to the sensor are? Additionally, if you have an oscilloscope, you could use it to read the voltage and confirm that this is what is happening when you see this behavior.

  • Grant

Thanks this seems to have worked