Sharp distance Sensor #1134 wrong behaviour

Hi, my digital distance sensor (pololu no. 1134) misbehaves in the following way:
Sometimes it randomly shows an output signla, although ther is nothing in the sensing distance. There are a lot if cabels in my project, so maybe something is disturbing? I soldered a 10uF capacitor close to the sensor and i have the impression that it got a little better. but my problem is not a mis-reaction but more a “too much”- reaction.

What can i do?


Could you tell me more about your setup? How are you measuring the sensor and how long are the random pulses you are reading? If you are using something like an Arduino to read the sensor, could you post a simplified version of the code that still demonstrates the problem? Could you try adding a larger capacitor across VIN and GND on the sensor and see if that improves its performance?

- Jeremy

I have the same problem with #1132 . some times the led on the sensor blinks when there is no object in rage or even close .
What can I do? I have no capacitor placed on the power at the sensor. what value should I use?
hope to hear. and thx


Adding a capacitor can help with performance. We recommend adding a capacitor with a capacitance larger than 10uF between power and ground. If you still have problems, could you tell me more about your application? What kind of environment are you using your sensor in? What are you using to read the sensor?


Hi Jeremy,

Thx for your answer, I will test with the extra capacitor.
Let you know.