Several VRs for single project

I have a working project that presently uses 5 Wall Warts (115vac to desired DC) and an adjustable power supply.
The project is functional as is but I’ve purchased the following:
2, D24V22F12 for mosfet driver (using 12v WW) and 12v relays (using adjustable power supply)
2, D24V6F9 for arduino boards Using 2, 9v WW for these)
2, U3V70A for 18v mosfet driver and 18v opto switching (using separate WWs for each)
1, D24V22F7 for 7v relays

I want to power all these VRs from a single battery.
I can draw and cut circuit boards on my cnc router.
My question has to do with “general advice” regarding the combining of VRs on single board, or when separate boards would be required or isolation needs.
Thanks for being here,

Hi, Donald.

It should generally be fine to power multiple regulators from a single supply like a battery assuming it can supply the current required for all the loads. One case where you might want to add some type of isolation or use separate supplies for different groups of regulators is if a noisy load is causing issues with other more sensitive parts of your circuit. For example, if your microcontrollers are sending or receiving serial signals or reading from a sensor and you notice errors, you could try separating those parts of the circuit from any motors or other noisy components.


Thank you, Claire