Setting up VS Code to work with A-Star modules

Hey, I am trying to set up vs code currently to work with my a-star 3.3V module. I have code already working that I have uploaded successfully on the Arduino IDE, but I run into an error (see below). I have done some googling and wasn’t able to find a solution that worked, as most of them involved ensuring the board and ports were configured correctly, but I have already done that (to the best of my knowledge).

[Error] Uploading sketch ‘tuya-a-star.ino’: Exit with code=1

I have included some of the different things below so you can see what I mean, I am hoping I have missed something small here. The correct board and version is also selected as is the correct port. I have also selected the Arduino type for the C/C++ configuration.

arduino.json file
“configuration”: “version=8mhz”,
“board”: “pololu-a-star:avr:a-star328PB”,
“output”: “…/ArduinoOutput”,
“programmer”: “pololu-a-star:stk500for328PB”,
“sketch”: “tuya-a-star.ino”,
“port”: “COM4”


We don’t use the Visual Studio Code extension for Arduino here, so we cannot offer any specific suggestions. However, I did a quick search based on your error message and found this issue on the Microsoft’s GitHub page. Some of the fixes involved checking the project path and upload speed (which should be 57600 for the A-Star 328PB Micro - 3.3V, 8MHz version), so you might try those solutions if you haven’t done so already.

By the way, I noticed you posted about the same issue here on stackoverflow. Did you try changing the quotations in your JSON file like rioV8 suggested?

- Amanda