Setting the current limit on DRV8825

Hi folks,

I got my DRV8825 today. I got it working with my 12v 0.4A bipolar stepper motor. However, I don’t know the current setting of the limit current. Can someone please share to me a step by step instructions on how I would find out what the setting is? I read the Current limiting section in about 15 times but I still couldn’t understand it. I’m new to electronics. There was a mention of ref pin voltage on that link but I couldn’t find it on my DRV8825. Please let me know where to put my multimeter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I got it

Current = REF voltage * 2
used my multimeter on the tiny unlabeled hole. It wasn’t even on the datasheet


I am glad you found the VREF via; I know it can be hard to spot. The datasheet is only for the driver IC on the carrier board, not the carrier board itself, so it would not have any reference to features of the carrier board like the via.

For forum readers who might not have found the VREF via, I have added a picture below showing it.