Setting pauses longer than 65535 ms?

I have the Maestro 6 and I want to run a sequence that runs a continuous servo for X seconds, pauses for up to 0-24 hours then repeats. It looks like the longest pause allowed in a sequence is 65,535 ms. How can I implement pauses that are longer than 65 seconds? I’m pretty new to this so the more details or links the better.

Thanks for any suggestions or links!


Each frame in a sequence can only have a maximum duration of 65535 ms, but you can stack multiple copies of the same frame to effectively increase this duration. However, this is not practical for excessively long delays (such as hours), like the ones you are asking about. To add longer delays to your routine, I suggest copying your sequence to a script and adding in the delays. The “Long delays” example found in the “Example Scripts” section of the Maestro Controller’s user’s guide shows how you can use the DELAY command to create delays that last for seconds and minutes. This same concept could also be used to create a subroutine for handling delays that last for hours. Also, keep in mind that the timer on the Micro Maestro can be off by around 1%.


Thank you, Brandon.