Setting parameter after disconnecting

Hi !

Does the 8 serial controler device SSC04 ,keep all parameter like : Range , speed , neutral , and can be disconnect to be stocking in a workshop without any power ?

Or does need receive all the setting parameter when we connect it to the computer all the time ?

I explain it , i want build a setting soft for the device ,and setting speed ,range , neutral ,disconect it stocking in my workshop.

And use another soft for just control the device preseted .

Thank you

Unfortunately, you cannot save your settings with this servo controller; it must be connected to a computer or microcontroller which sends the serial commands it needs to operate.

For better performance and the ability to save command sequences, you might consider our Maestro USB Servo Controllers.


Ok thank for your reply Derril.
I will use the polulu protocol with Usb model, for this fonction.

Thank for this info.

Just for thank for a second times !

The micro maestro work fine with my configuration ,
I set all essential parameters in USB mode,like range and speed in the polulu soft utilitarie , and work in Uart mode (to can expand the signal ,for a Rov ) with my proper application .

Thank you for your Help Derill!