Setting Distance for Zumo Robot

May i know is there anyway that i am able to set a distance for zumo robot for it to manoeuvre on the floor plan?

Thank You


I moved your post to our support category for robots.

Unfortunately, I do not understand what you are asking. Can you more specifically describe what you want to do?


Hello patrick,

Basically i would like to set a distance of 20cm for my Zumo Robot, once it reaches the 20cm mark. It will stop at that distance.

So i would like to ask is there any ways that i can preset a distance for my zumo for it to travel ?

Thank You


We make two versions of the Zumo Robot: the Zumo32U4 Robot and the Zumo Robot for Arduino; which one are you using?

- Amanda

Hi, I was wondering the same thing. And I am using the Zumo Robot not 32u4. Thank you


The Zumo Robot for Arduino does not have any type of position feedback from the motors, so the only way to do that without some significant physical modification would be to operate your motors by timing. For example, if you know your Zumo moves at a speed of 2cm/s at a particular speed, you can drive it for 10s to travel 20cm. However, keep in mind that this type of open-loop control is susceptible to various types of error. For example, your motors’ speed will likely change as your batteries discharge (though if you install the battery monitor jumper, which is discussed in the user’s guide, and do some testing, you might be able to factor that in to your control algorithm).

If you want to make something more accurate, you will probably need to find a way to modify your Zumo to use encoders. You might check this guide written by someone who modified their Zumo to add encoders several years ago. (However, if you can fit our magnetic encoders, I would highly recommend those over the optical encoders he used.)

Also, please keep in mind that our Zumo 32U4 Robot features built-in encoders, so if you ever get another Zumo in the future, that might be a better way to go.

- Patrick