Set range to [1100, 1900]

Hi, I’m using the Maestro 18 to connect to ESCs, which respond to signals in the range [1100, 1900], with a center point at 1500. I can’t seem to set the range to [1100, 1900]; the closest I can get to is [1088, 1904]. I can apply the limit in software, which is fine, but is there a way to set the range precisely?



Hello, Clyde.

Unfortunately, the resolution for the Min and Max settings for each Maestro channel is 16 us, which is not fine enough to set those specific values. However, as it seems like you noticed, the Maestro can generate servo signals with quarter-microsecond resolution, so it will be able to send pulse widths of 1100 us and 1900 us.


Hi, Jon – thanks for the quick response and confirmation.