Servos slowing down?


I’m a new user of the 6 Channel Mini Maestro and I’m experiencing some strange behavior. After coding a script and running it over a a few cycles (about 5 time on an 8 step procedure) the servos (3 futaba s3003) begin to slow down until they end up stopping altogether. This behavior happens regardless of the script used or regardless of the procedure being run from the PC or on stand alone mode. Fearing a bug in my newbie code I tried running the servos manually with the sliders and after a while the slowdown would appear once more

Another thing I noticed which might shed some light on the subject was that by configuring the controller to futaba’s standard 1000-1500-2000 ms config the servos only turned 90deg instead of the 180 degs. I changed the parameters and managed to get them to turn 180deg but the slow down bug happened even faster now (about 2 cycles)

After the servos stop i need to turn power down on the whole system and after a restart the servos will go at the expected speed until the bug hits again.

I also unplugged the servos and connected them to an Arduino and ran my own servo.h based program and the servos kept on running with no issues whatsoever.



What are you using to power your servos? From your description, it sounds like it might be insufficient or drained. When you moved the servos to your Arduino setup, did you use the same supply and the same number of servos?

Could you post pictures of your setup that show all of your connections? Also, can you post a simplified, but complete, version of your script that demonstrates the problem? Your Arduino sketch might be useful too.