Servo vibrates or hums at odd positions

I have my pololu maestro hooked up and all is running perfect. The one weirdness is that if I move the servo across the range of motion and stop it there will be a weird vibrating or humming noise at random locations.

This doesn’t happen at the far end of ranges or at a certain spot, it happens in seemingly every other location on the range of motion. If I stop the servo and it makes the noise I can move it a little and it will stop, regardless of the load on the servo etc…

Hope I gave you enough info to help me.



What you are seeing could just be normal behavior for your particular servo. Is it under load? How repeatable is the behavior? Do you have a different servo you could try? When your servo is vibrating, do you see any vibration from the sliding cursor in the status tab of the Maestro Control Center software?

- Zeeshan