Servo tech specs needed

I’m going to purchase several of the following servos for an own project:

And I need to know (if possible) if these could rotate 180°. As far as I’ve been reading so far, manufacturers usually don’t mention it, but may be if you have tried them you could give me an approach… Could you?
Your information will be highly appreciated!!!

Many thanks in advance.


Hello, Nico.

The sample 1501MG that we have here will rotate about 180° (using a wider range of pulses than the 1-2ms standard). Please note that the max rotation even among servos of the same type might be slightly different. Unfortunately, we don’t have a sample 6001HB readily available to try.

Regarding your comment about the manufacturers, you are correct that they don’t usually specify it. We discuss this a bit on the FAQ tab of our servos’ product pages, and you can find some more information about it in this blog post.


Hi EmilyH,
I’ll take a look at the blog post you mentioned.
Thank you very much for the reply!