Servo Rotation

Purchased a Micro Maestro 6 channel. Using a continuous rotation servo. Left and right rotation works well. Having problems with getting an exact return to starting point. Can anyone help me out on this? Do I need to slow down the servo and set up a micrometer and save that step? It is for a hobby project but the Start/Stop needs to be accurate.

Thanks, Matt.

Hello everyone. I have a 360 servo purchased on this site along with a Micro 6-channel. I need my servo to start, go through a series of movements then return to the start position thus ending the sequence.

The commands I currently have assigned it goes through the motions but it never arrives exactly at the start position at the end of the sequence.

Can anyone inform me of the best way to do this. I read one response were a person was told a “shut down sequence” would work. Anybody have any idea on this issue.

Thanks for your time.


Continuous rotation servos typically sacrifice their position control for the ability to rotate continuously. If you need the servo to go back to a specific location once it is done with its sequence, you might try adding a separate sensor to your servo to try to keep track of when it is at the starting position. Depending on how reliable and precise you need it, you might also be able to experiment with adjusting the delays in your script to see if you can get it close enough to your needs.

Alternatively, if you do not need the servo to rotate more than a few turns, you might be able to use a multi-turn servo (which can turn multiple rotations while still doing position control). We do not carry any multi-turn servos that I can point you to, but a simple Internet search for “sail winch servo” should bring up useful results.

By the way, I am not sure what forum post you are referring to, but I suspect that the shutdown sequence suggestion was intended to solve a different problem (probably with standard servos with position control) or was for a continuous rotation servo using some kind of external feedback.