Servo motor

can i make a servo motor to hold it position even with the present of an opposing torque?

if yes, can i make it stay in position against the opposing torque for as long as i desired and how?


Hobby radio control servos have internal feedback that allow them to hold a position, even with opposing torque. However, there is no easy way to tell the servo to hold for a certain amount of time and then give up. However, it is easy to tell the servo to go to one position, and then at some later time to turn off or go somewhere else. The servos I’m writing about here are easy to control from microcontrollers, and you could use a serial servo controller if you need to control more than a few at a time.

If you instead need to control a motor to make your own servo system, then you will need to take care of things like feedback and motion control. We will soon be releasing a motor controller that makes servo control of DC motors relatively simple.

- Jan