Servo motor move for no reason


Would anyone have an idea why my servo motors would move while there is no activity in the control center. Say for instance that I position three servo’s via the control center. Essentially the motors should stay in that position until I tell it to move again by moving the slider.

In my case the servo’s are moving when they are suppose to stay static. And I can’t figure out what the problem is… :open_mouth:


Scratch that…

Power supply problem. I guess I should learn how to calculate what kind of power supply I need…

Any quick tips for six servo’s??


Hello, Nelmarie.

I am glad you figured out your issue; thanks for letting us know that you did.

As for your servo power question, I recommend adding up the stall current of all of your servos, and getting a supply that can handle at least that much current (at the appropriate voltage for your servos, too). You can usually find the stall current inside the servo’s datasheet. If you do not have access to the datasheet, you might try contacting the manufacturer about it the servo’s stall current.

If you can’t find the stall current of your servo, a good rule of thumb is to budget about 1A per standard size servo.

By the way, since you seem new to servos, you might consider reading this series of blog posts about how hobby servos work.