Servo Jitter using mini Maestro

I have a mini maestro controlling 3 servos. 2 using a slide pot and one on a switch.

They all work great until I move the slide pot slowly and then the jittering occurs!
I initially ran the system off 4x standard AA batteries through the maestro.
I then upgraded to higher capacity 3000 m/ah rechargeable batteries, which was slighly worse and have now plugged them into a 5v power supply offering 5A
I believe its still a current thing but dont know where to go next?
I checked the Maestro control centre and you can see the servos moving in the target area on the Status Tab.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would expect a 5V, 5A supply to be fine for powering 3 standard servos and the Maestro. Please note that 5V is right at the minimum operating voltage of the Maestro, but if you connected it to the Maestro Control Center through USB and the jitter persists, then it is likely not the cause of the problem.

If you are using a potentiometer to control the servos, it’s possible that noise from that could be causing jitter. Could you try monitoring your slide potentiometer input(s) in the “Status” tab of the Maestro Control Center and see if they look noisy (particularly when you move it)? You might also try moving the servos to different channels and controlling them directly through the slider in the Maestro Control Center to see if the problem still happens when it isn’t being controlled by the potentiometer.