Servo external power

hi guys
i have 18 servos connected to the maestro 18ch, but i want to give them diferent power supplies.
(i want to use 4 batteries to achieve total power of 16A).
i tried to create 4 diferent circuits, to power each group of servos seperated, and then connect the servos only to the signal pin on the maestro.
when i enable the servos in the control center software they turn on, but they dont react to any change of position.
what should i do?


What do you mean when you say “they turn on”?

You did not say how you connected the servos to the batteries, but it sounds like you probably forgot to connect all of the grounds in your system together. In trying to solve this problem, it might help you to simplify the system to a single servo and battery. If that does not work, tell us exactly what happens and what all of the connections are. A picture is always helpful, too.


if i connect the servos to a battery i should connect the ground to the maestro?


Ground should almost always be connected between all parts of any electronics project - that is the reference used for measuring the signal voltage and what makes it a “circuit”! Unfortunately, we do not have a good discussion about voltages and ground on our site right now, but I recommend looking over some standard electronics articles or books until you feel comfortable with this concept.