Servo controlled car clutch


I would like to build a servo controlled clutch. Let me try to explain:
As I lost a leg in an accident so I can’t drive a car with a gear stick and foot clutch any more. But I would really like to drive one again.

So I want to build a system using a 12V 350W DC brushed low speed (60 rpm) high torque worm gear motor to pull in a clutch cable. Mechanically a small challenge but electronically "black magic"to me…

What I hope to achieve is the simplest solution whereby I move/turn a potentiometer on the gear stick and the 12V 350W DC worm gear motor follows the movement exactly (no soft start/or as little as possible).

So in my simple mind I need to connect a potentiometer to a servo controller that is wired to a DC motor driver/controller that lets the DC motor turn which has a potentiometer attached to it that tells the servo controller its position…

If that made any sense, can anyone point me in the right direction of the needed components to achieve my goal? Thank you in advance!

Kind regards


Hello, Marco.

This sounds like a potentially very dangerous project. We do not recommend using our products where their failure might result in personal injury or death. I recommend getting help from a professional mechanic for a project like this.



Thanks for your reply and concern. The trouble is: I’m supposed to be the professional mechanic…
And as I’m primarily a “mechanic” electronics are a bit alien to me.
I must admit that, after doing some more homework, it does seem a silly idea to convert a foot clutch to hand controlled and servo assisted as a first serious electronics project…

So I think I will go the more “mechanical” way (pneumatic or hydraulic) which is easier for me and hopefully more fool proof.

Kind regards