Servo control

Hi. Is it possible to control the positions of a servo with a text file? I have a text file with the positions, i’m trying to find a way to use those positions to control the servo but I’m a little bit stucked. Any clue would be helpfull. The idea is to take the position from the txt file, move the servo and take the next position, or importing the text file as frames maybe, something like that.


The Maestro cannot read a text file of servo positions like you are describing, but there are some options to use those positions to create frames in a sequence. However, please note that the position values should be in units of quarter microseconds, so if your position values are in units of microseconds, you will need to multiply them by 4 first.

If you format the text the right way, you can copy/paste it into the “Sequence” tab to create a new frame (you can also copy multiple lines at once to create multiple frames). The correct format is as follows:

Frame_Name	Duration	Servo_0_Position	Servo_1_Position	Servo_2_Position (etc)

Please note that the space between each column must be a tab. So, for example, if the following text were copied and pasted into the “Sequence” tab, it would create a frame named “New Frame”, with a duration of 1000ms and set the position of servo 1 to 1500μs (and disable all other servos):

New Frame	1000	0	6000

Please note that in the example above, servo channels 2 and on will default to using a position of 0 (disabled) since they were not specified.

If it makes it easier, you can also use a spreadsheet program (like excel or Google Sheets) to format the data and copy/paste them in from there.