Servo control using Roboclaw 2x30

I have a project that requires dual servos to control planes on a small submersible. I have a Robclaw 2x30, 2 axis joystick pot and two 0-5V potentiometers as feedback for the PID loop. I can see how to connect the joystick but am struggling to work out how to connect the feedback pots.


I recommend reviewing this “Using Linear Actuators with RoboClaw” application note from the manufacturer, Basicmicro. Much of the information there will be irrelevant since you are not using linear actuators, but the since the linear actuators also use potentiometer feedback, you should be able to apply the guidance for that to your project.

Please make especially sure to check the information under the “Analog Compatibility” header, which discusses how the pins on the RoboClaw expect analog signals to fall between 0 and 3.3V.

- Patrick

Thanks, that does help.

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