Servo control and switches


I’ve been looking at the Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller and it seems like the perfect bit of kit I need but can anyone confirm whether it can do the following…

I make moving eyes for puppets!

2 servos (eyes) need to move to the left when a button is pressed and when released return to the middle position
and then another button needs to be pressed to make the eyes go to the right and when released return to the middle.

One other servo is also controlled by a button that controls the blink movement.

Can all the servos maximum and minimum movement also then be controlled using the software?

Would the servos start “jittering” when not in use due to lack of current?

I know, a lot to ask, any help would be gratefully received.



Hello, Jon.

It is possible to get the Maestro to execute the control scheme you described using a Maestro script. You can look at “The Maestro Scripting Language” section in the Maestro User’s Guide for more information on the Maestro’s scripting language, the commands available, and some examples to help you get started.

Yes. You can set the maximum and minimum limits for each servo channel in the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center. You can also control how far the servos travel in your Maestro script.

The jittery behavior happens when you are trying to move a servo (or many servos) using a power supply that cannot handle the current draw or have a load inhibiting a servo from reaching its commanded position (i.e. a load trying to pull a servo out of position and it tries to correct back to its position).

- Amanda