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Service of LD Series Concentric actuators


Is there any service recommended for LD Series Concentric actuators? Mine is running pretty hard in a maritime environment. I’m thinking taking apart and re-lube gears and such.


Hello, Tobias.

I do not think the Concentric linear actuators need any servicing. (There is a seal on them that declares that the manufacturer’s warranty is voided if the seal is broken.) I am not sure how hard you are running your actuators (e.g. what kind of load is on them, what duty cycle you are commanding, or what voltage you are supplying), but the rated maximum duty cycle for those actuators is 25% (i.e. 1 minute continuous operation in 4 minutes) at 12V. You might try contacting their manufacturer, Concentric International, for more information about any recommended servicing.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, there is a sticker. I’m just thinking that nothing mechanical last forever, but if I can prolong its life with a year, it would be worth it.

It is moving the rudder in a autopilot build I have made, based on Arduino. Its under 25% duty and maybe 50% of max load. But it’s running like that for hours.

I took it apart and lubed it up with maritime grade grease. The female part of the screw system is made out of plastic and feels pretty weak. It have already developed a bit of slack which I’m afraid is going to get worse fast. Is this part available as a spare?

Tobias, Sweden.

We only sell the Concentric linear actuators as an enclosed mechanism; we do not carry replacements for any of the parts used inside the actuators. It also does not look like the manufacturer, Concentric International, carries those parts separately, but you might try contacting them to see if they can help.