Service for Maestro for MS Robotics Development Studio

since I suck badly at programming C# I was wondering if there will be a ready-to-use service for M$#s Robotics development studio. I like the ease of information control without the need to go down to code level. Something like the Mindstorm brick-control modules and I could use the Maestro to controll half of my lab.


We currently don’t have any plans to make a Microsoft Robotics Development Studio service for the Maestro servo controllers, but we’ll consider it. You are the first one who has requested it. If anyone else out there wants it, please post here to let us know.

Is it easy to call command-line programs from Microsoft Robotics Development Studio? If so, you could just call UscCmd (the program included with the Maestro software) to set the targets of your channels. It’s also possible to read the positions of the channels using UscCmd, but that’s harder because you would have to write some code to parse its output.


no idea if access to a command-line is easy in VPL. I found a serial service that should do the trick. Could get it to work yet, but thats probably just me. Shouldnt be too hard once I find out how to set up the port properly. Still a dedicated fully functional service would be great :wink:


You can find MRDS service tested with Mini 12 here:

It is pretty basic and one-way (no input yet, just controls the servos).

– Sergei Grichine