Serial.print() doesn't work with Zumo 32U4

The following should work:
Once the serial monitor is started from within the Arduino IDE. But, alas, it does not.

In case it’s relevant, on my system, the only port is “COM5 (Pololu com A-star 32U4)”. The Zumo 32U4 is connected to my PC through a USB port.

Everything else works fine. I can upload and run sketches and all of the Zum 32U4 examples work as expected.


I am sorry you are having problems getting your program’s output to show up in the Arduino Serial Monitor. Just to be sure, did you set the baud rate to 9600 in the Serial Monitor to match your code? If so, then I suspect your program is most likely printing to the serial port before you can open the Serial Monitor to view the “Testing…” output. One way to halt your program until the serial port is ready is to put while(!Serial); after Serial.begin(9600);. For more details, see this page on the Arduino website.

- Amanda