Serial Driver AVR 3pi programmer does not install

I am working in Windows Xp SP3 32bit (as well as Win7.64). Attempting to install the pololu 3pi avr programmer from the instructions here … rammer.pdf. When I perform the steps of running pgm03a.inf (as admin when required in win7), and connecting the avr programmer device, the document says Windows will run through 3 device driver wizards, including the AVR programmer and TTL driver. Only the Programmer wizard comes up, which I follow, and which works correctly to allow me to program the device. However, I would like to use the SLO scope, but without the TTL driver I am unable to complete SLO scope installation. Running sloscoper_installer.bat, I receive an error that says there is no AVR programmer found, although there is an AVR programmer connected with the AVR programmer device driver, (missing the TTL driver, only installing 1 of the 3 available drivers. pgm03a_config.ece also fails with error no avr programmer found, although the avr programmer is still connected to the machine and the device manager says the avr programmer driver is working properly and the device works to program the 3pi unit.

How do I install the other two drivers? i have repeated the steps as listed in the protocol to no avail, after uninstalling the driver.

Hello, nci77.

I’m sorry you are having trouble.

To avoid confusion, let’s pick one computer and focus on getting the drivers to work there first. Could you plug the programmer into that computer and post a screenshot of the Device Manager that shows all the entries in the “Pololu USB Devices”, “Ports (COM & LPT)”, and “Other Devices” sections? You can upload the screenshot here as an attachment.

By the way, the PDF you found on our distributor’s website is old. You might want to try reading the Programmer User’s Guide online at our website:
In the “Installing Windows Drivers” section there is a download for an installer that will do everything for you.


Comparing to the document devmgr view from the setup document, My devmgr is missing entries for Pololu USB Devices, as well as in COM & LPT it is missing the Pololu USB AVR Programmer TTL Serial Port. The only item I do have in COM & LPT is Pololu USB AVR Programmer, which was sufficient to program devices.

It’s possible that you have a programmer with the special non-composite version of the firmware installed, instead of the standard firmware. Maybe a previous owner changed the programmer’s firmware. To verify this, could you double click on the entry in your Device Manager, go to the details tab, and tell me what the Hardware Ids of that device are?



Yep, you have firmware version 1.01nc. Do you remember changing the programmer’s firmware? Did you get this programmer from a Mac OS X user? You can switch back to the standard firmware (v1.06) and get access to all of the features by following the instructions in the “Upgrading Firmware” section of the programmer user’s guide.


I’m not sure what the previous user did with it, it was community property.

I’ll try the other firmware and see how that goes. Thank you for the help