Serial controlled multi relay switch

Pretty simple, a board with multiple relay switches, all controlled by serial. Shouldn’t be any harder than the serial motor controllers to build.

A dual relay, a quad relay, and maybe more. (8 would be great)
Able to handle a few amps per line. 1A would be good for small lights, though higher is always better.

Input requires 3 inputs, ground, v+, and signal wire. and there would be multiple 2 pin connectors.
Must be daisy chain capable.

The usage would be fore people who want to add on/off control to a bunch of lights or devices, without using alot of ports on their micro controllers.

The lights would be toggled on a 0/1 number control.
[$80, controller, switch number,toggle/trigger{timer}, on/off]
Controller Which controller on the daisy chain. Starts with controller 0.
Switch number Which switch on that controller 0-3 for quad switch.
Toggle/trigger. If set to toggle, it will remain off until it gets the same command but telling it to turn off.
TriggerTimer Optional If set to Trigger it will remain on until the timer wears off. If no timer is set it will turn on than immediately off. “1{5} is half a second, 1{65} is 6.5 seconds"
On and Off 0 = Open circuit"off”. and 1 = Closed Circuit “On”

Trigger on 5 seconds.
[$80, 0, 2,1{50}, 1] will trigger the 3rd relay on the first controller"0". for 5 seconds, after it times out it will turn off.

Toggle on.
[$80, 3, 1, 0, 1] Will toggle the second switch on the fourth controller to on. It will remain off until it receives this command->
Toggle Off.
[$80, 3, 1, 0, 0]

Trigger Off. Example with a light.
[$80, 0, 0, 0, 1] toggle. first switch on first controller on. Turning on the light.
[$80, 0, 0, 1{50}, 0] Will turn off the light for 5 seconds, then it will turn it back on. in which it will remain on until triggered/toggled off.

I could imagine alot of cool lighting projects that could be done with this. And i would be more than happy to test any prototypes. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed suggestion. I had already been thinking of something like this but with a USB interface; we’ll make sure we make a UART interface available for microcontroller projects, too.

- Jan

Thanks. USB is good for programming, but when it comes to pre-programmed bots it’s no good.
I don’t think even the orangutan can read/write usb code.

I found a guide to make your own High/low relays for cheap, but making multiples is kind of complicated.
What i would use a multi relay for is as follows.

1: Headlights, pretty straight forward. (or invisible IR lights for a camera)
2: Laser pointer on the end of robot arm.
3: Power switch for a camera, power it off remotely to save power.
4: Electric airsoft gun.

Combine them all together and you have an electric airsoft bot with laser targeting and a camera, equipped with IR lights.
You know that would be cool!

I have alot of other ideas for products. I’ll try to keep detail high. Though some are more of a general idea.