Serial Communication from Baby Orangutan to X2


I am trying to communicate serially from a Baby Orangutan to an X2. I am sending 11 bytes, ‘1’ or ‘0’. When I connect the programmer to my PC, I can see the string of ones and zeros; however, when it is received on the X2, it is not being interpreted correctly.

I am printing the ASCII values received to the LCD, and there are seemingly random characters in place of some of the 48’s and 49’s, for ‘0’ and ‘1’ in ASCII. If the terminal on the PC is able to interpret the characters correctly, what could be wrong on the X2’s end that would result in the garbage I am seeing?

Thanks for your input!


Hello, rizard2012.

I’m sorry you are having trouble getting serial communication to work. Could you describe the connections you made between the two Orangutans? Did you connect the grounds (GND) on the two boards?


Hi David,

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we eventually figured out it was a grounding issue. Everything is working now!