Sensor Test

Some friends and I have been playing with the 3pi for a while. It has been great fun and we have learned quite a bit about robotics and programming micros in the process. A while back someone talked about the way the sensors in the center of the robot will see light from the emitters that are close to them. I wanted to explore how that affected the readings so I wrote a program and did some experiments. Here is the URL ( for a page I made with the results and the source code for the program.


Thanks for sharing your results with us. Were your tests motivated by any particular problem you encountered with the sensors, or were you just curious about the effect of the extra LEDs?

- Jan

My primary motivation was curiosity. I was also exploring ways to improve the line reading function. From the results of this study it seems clear that a well designed function should be able to tell if the robot is rolling across a line or following along a line.