Sensor selection for a rocket

I am building a rocket that will experience a fprce of up to 40g. i need some sensor to help correct the trajectory of it. It needs to go vertically with vector thrusting, which sensor would be good to know at what angle the rocket is traveling at?


I am not sure how well it would work (e.g. if orientation information can be generated fast enough to be useful for controlled ascent), but you might be able to use something like our MinIMU-9 to determine the orientation of a rocket. Please note that we do not recommend our products be used in applications where their failure could lead to injury or significant property damage.


Since acceleration from other forces cannot be distinguished from the acceleration due gravity, it is impossible to use an accelerometer alone to keep a rocket vertical.

A hobby-type IMU (accelerometer + gyro) can be used to stabilize a vehicle if the accelerations are small relative to gravity, but will not work at all in a rocket undergoing 40g.The gyro alone may be of some use, for a short while.