Sensor Connection Pattern

Hello All

Please advice what is the best method to connect middle three sensors as per the attached picture is showing

Hello, Dayan.

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Dear All

I have purchased five Ir Sensor’s
Please find the attached link that I purchased

Now I need to connect and aligned three middle sensor out of five. So please advice what is the best method to place them as per the given attached image is showing

Thanks in advance

Thank you for adding more information to your question. I merged your posts, since they are about the same issue.

We expect that any of those three sensor placements should work. For reference, the eight sensors on the QTR-8RC are mounted on a 0.375" (9.525mm) pitch and they are designed to be used on line following robots that follow a line made from 0.75" wide electrical tape. This places the center of the sensors directly on the edges of the tape, which is option number 1 in your diagram.