Sending and receiving between two wixels


I have recently bought two wixels. my eventual aim is to have one as a master on my 3pi and the other connected to a pc. for the 3pi wixel to transmit sensor readings to the pc where a vb app will display them and also have the ability to take control of the 3pi and drive it using the arrow keys.

however, I first want to test the wireless data transfer.

I have loaded the wireless serial app to both (they are both in the same pc one on Com7 the other on Com8)
how do i then send a test string from one to receive it on the other?

I have tried using telnet software and also a simple vb app to open the ports and writing data to them that way but I am getting no where.

can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance

Hello, Dave.

You can test the wireless capability of your Wixels by connecting both of them to your computer and using a terminal program like our Serial Transmitter Utility, which lets you transmit sequences of bytes to a selectable COM port. Note, if you use the Pololu Serial Transmitter Utility, you would have to open two instances of the program, one to transmit and one to receive.

If that is not working, you should make sure that the baud_rate, and radio_channel parameters are the same for each Wixel, and that both Wixels are in the correct serial mode (or both in Auto-Detect).


Thanks Jon,

I have that working now.



Do you know if there is an app available that combines the functionality of the wireless_serial app and the usb_com app so I can send commands form wixel A to have them executed on Wixel B ?


Unfortunately, we do not have a single app that does that, but you could use our Wixel SDK, which has the source code for both of those apps, to write your own app.


OK, thought I’d best check before trying to reinvent the wheel!
Thanks, Dave.