I’m trying to create a reset functionality in my apps. I connected the reset pin to another pin of the card and when my reset function is called it’s put the pin as a low output. But it’s not working all the time, I will try with a RC filter.
Does a pure software issue exist?

One of my apps needs to be connected by USB. I can manually reset the wixel with the stop app and the start app of the wixelconfig software.
But I didn’t find a way to do it with a command line.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello. In order for the PC to properly detect that the Wixel has reset itself, you need to disable the USB pull-up resistor for some time. Then, instead of resetting using the reset line, you can use the watchdog timer. Here is a bit of code that will probably work for you:

// Reset the system by enabling the watchdog timer and waiting.
WDCTL = 0b1011; // EN=1 (enabled), MODE=0 (watchdog mode), INT=11 (period is 2 ms)


It’s working fine.