Secret aircraft advanced electronics help 2000$ job reward


Im building am aircraft (cant tell you what kind yet) and need a system that can be programmed via my computer, heres the spec:

Electronic system requirements:
8 servos controlled individually, with 7.4 V 5A constant for each servo
4 ESC’s, from 10A 10V up to 50V 300A
each engine must be able to be controlled individually, from 0 to max rpm.
Must be able to process / enable six gyros, of a total of 9, when the flight orientation is changed.
Must be able to control six gyros at once, 3 to the optional camera and 3 to the stabilization of the aircraft
Must be able to process the six sonars simultaneously and make changes with both motors and servos
Must be able to use all functions simultaneously
Must be able to control the camera by remote control separately
Must be able to control the aircraft from remote separately
and put the programmed flight path of puse / exit.
Must be able to send telemetry,servo position (degrees), voltage, engine RPM and altitude wirelessly back to a computer.
Must be able to return to base by error or message.

Is it even possible to make this? it would be a revolution if i had working electronics with all these features installed in the aircraft.
i can pay up to 2000$ for the contoll board alone. Can anyone make this/ send me a link to a corporation who does this?
SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH, IM FROM NORWAY… (used google translator alot…)

I think the Parallax propeller might be able to, but it uses a very high level complex parallel processing language called spin.
Good luck, sounds AWESOME!!