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Searching Posts, seems not to work


I tried searching posts and it pretty much never works. Even when entering in a word in body of the post the search comes up empty. Is there a help page for this forum?



I am sorry you are having trouble with the forum search. What is an example of a search that does not work for you?



click on all catagories box
enter “VL53L1X”

response is: no matches found

hit enter and it comes up with a list of catagories, does not seem to search the forums content



Ok, it sounds like you might be searching for a “VL53L1X” category which will not bring you any results (there is not a VL53L1X category). Can you click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand of the forum page and put “VL53L1X” into that text box and hit enter?



Goit, using the wrong search box