Searching for a low RPM 12v/DC motor

I’m trying to locate a motor to power a colorwheel inside a robot. So far, all the 12v/DC motors I am finding are much faster RPMs than I need (3000+). Ideally I would like something 3-10 RPM that is quiet. I found a few gear motors and bought one to try, but the noise is like that of a power screw driver running on high. Lots of transmission noise you simply can’t baffle out.

So I thought I would inquire here since I am an electronics noob. I dont know if such a motor exists or what options are out there.

Thank you


How about a servo motor modified for continuous rotation? They spin at around 40 RPM, and are rather quiet. Also, they are not too expensive, and have a variety of horns you can use to attach to the color wheel.

Just my thoughts!



I once used a gearhead motor made by “Hsiang Neng”, and it was relatively quiet. They have them at Jameco; search for part number 167038 on The no-load speed is 14 RPM. P/N 170641 is a bit bigger and runs at 10 RPM.

- Candice

That’s a pretty good find, for $14 it looks worth the effort to buy and try.

I had bought a gear motor from but it makes a rather loud grinding sound…much like running a rechargeable power screwdriver on high.

This is for my R2-D2, inside his dome. Quieter the better since any noise will clearly “echo” in the dome.

Thanks for the lead!