SDK and Java

Does the SDK support or have files for Java ? we have a need for a mac version of the control software and a newer Win version with bigger fades and different look , so writing it in Java would allow us to use the same code for both platforms ( from what I have read ? )


I have moved your thread to the “Software and Microcontrollers” subforum, which seems more appropriate.

The Pololu USB Software Development Kit (SDK) does not support Java or have any code examples written in Java, so you will probably need to write your own control software. Since you originally posted your question under the “Pololu Servo Controllers and Servos” category on the forum, I assume you are trying to develop a version of the Maestro Control Center in Java. Before you start writing your program, you might find it helpful to look at this thread, which contains links to a Java library for the Maestro written by GregE. (That thread is also linked under the “Related Resources” section of the Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide.) Please note that GregE’s Java library for the Maestro does not implement all the commands of the Maestro, which he states in his post.

- Amanda

I had my guys look into JAVA for this application and they said it was not such a great Idea so moving on thanks