Script for door

Hi all, maybe some one can help me.
I need simple script for open small door when i push button and close the door after for exmp 15 sec.


Could you please specify which product you are inquiring about? If you are asking about the Maestro, the “Using a button or switch to control servos” example script in the Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide might help you get started.

- Jeremy

Thanks i see that page. But realy i don’t use befo Maestro. And so i have some problem with create normal work script.
I need script with next rules: when i push button (button conncet to analog input) my servo go to second pozition (i found this poz by experiment) and after 10 ces for exmp go to first pozition. I have controler with 12 channel, so i use 6 channel for input and 6 channel for output.
I try use next script:
sub button_0
0 get_position 500 less_than
But this script don’t work :frowning:

If you have the Maestro controller, I suggest that you read and work through the set of examples in the link that Jeremy posted above. Get some LEDs to blink before you try to control a servo!

After you have worked through those examples, you should see why your script doesn’t work – but here is a hint: it doesn’t do anything.

Thanks for help!
I have small problem. I use next script

 button_a if sequence_a endif
 button_b if sequence_b endif 
sub button_a
  0 get_position 600 GREATER_THAN

sub button_b
  2 get_position 800 GREATER_THAN 

sub sequence_a
40 1 speed
  32000 1 servo 5000 delay
  10 1 servo 1000 delay

   sub sequence_b
40 3 speed
  32000 3 servo 5000 delay
  10 3 servo 1000 delay

But some times when i close 0 input i see that wors 3 servo and also problem i close 2 input work 1 servo. Maybe some one know about this problem and know how to solve.

I am a little confused on what you mean by " wors 3 servo and also problem i close 2 input work 1 servo". Could you please elaborate?

- Jeremy