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Screw holes Aluminum Bracket for 37D mm Metal Gearmotor

One improvement could be standardizing the screw hole distances for the 37D motor Brackets. I designed a aluminum carrier for the L-shaped bracket. The screw hole distance is 31.2mm. I realized that the L-shaped bracket bends under heavy load, so I decided to use the stronger Pololu Machined Aluminum Bracket. The screw hole distance for the stronger bracket is however 29.6 mm. I would be able to reuse my aluminum carrier if the distances would be equal. Id consider changing the screw hole distances to match another an improvement.
Kind regards

Hello, Florian.

We also wanted the holes to line up, but unfortunately, due to limitations in the manufacturing process, we could not make the holes on the machined bracket (which was designed after the stamped bracket) closer to the edge.

- Grant