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Screw heads too big for Pololu Machined Aluminum Bracket

I’ve always been pleased with Pololu’s products. With Pololu’s selection of well designed and well made products, I often find exactly what I am looking for here.

But I was disappointed in a recent purchase of Pololu Machined Aluminum Brackets for 37D MM Metal Gear Motors. The brackets are fine, and some mounting screws came with them. But the heads on the mounting screws are too big to fit in the countersunk holes. So the screws are barely long enough to screw into the motors. In one case, in fact, the screw is too short to catch the threads on the motor, so I had to leave it out.

The brackets do work well enough. But I’m surprised that problem has not been corrected. Perhaps no one has mentioned it. So I thought I would mention it with this post.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. I have looked into the matter and found that some of the brackets we have in stock were packaged with the incorrect screw. We are addressing the issue. We stand by our products and would like to make this right. If you email us at support@pololu.com with your order information and reference this post, we would be happy to send you the correct screws that go with the bracket.

- Grant

Thanks, Grant. I appreciate that.