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Scooter Wheels Fall Off Motor

I am using the 37Dx68L mm, and unfortunately because the robot moves back and forth a lot the wheels easily become loose and just falls off. Are there any wheels compatible with this motor that I can just slide on with no need of an external mount? I’ve been looking around the internet, and I can’t find any wheels that aren’t meant for those yellow motors.


Unfortunately, we do not have any press fit wheels for 6mm D shafts like the outputs of our 37D gearmotors, and we do not have any specific suggestions for where you might find something like that.

If you are having problems with our scooter wheels and scooter wheel adapters coming loose, then one thing you might try is using some thread lock on the set screws. Keep in mind though that using thread lock could make it very difficult to remove the set screws, so I recommend trying a weak thread lock first.

- Patrick