Schematic and Programming Help to use 2 Wixels


I have read the user guides from cover to cover several times and scoured the internet for tutorials that include schematics and more detailed instructions for using the Wixels. I am at a loss to get my wixels working after several days of failure.

Here is where I would like to start: I have 2 Wixels. I want to use my Windows 7 PC keyboard to type a character such as a 1 in Hyperterminal and have that 1 be sent to a Wixel01. Wixel01 should then send that character to Wixel02. Wixel02 should increment the character recieved by 1 and transmit back the character 2 to Wixel01. Wixel01 then sends this to Hyperterminal where I see the character 2 displayed.

My ultimate goal is to control an m3pi robot using a computer keyboard and a pair of Wixels.

Here are my questions:

  1. Which of the apps should I load onto each Wixel?
  2. How do I power each Wixel?
  3. I assume one of the Wixels, Wixel01 should be connected with the USB to mini-B connection in order for it to communicate with the PC. Correct me, please, if I am wrong.

I have not found this level of detail in any tutorials and think it would be extremely helpful to include photos showing how everything is connected, along with schematics. I anticipate and appreciate your help in this matter.

A good place to start is the Instructables tutorial. Have you tried that out?
If so, what did not work or did you not understand? … ss-Module/

Hello. I suggest using the Wireless Serial app on each Wixel, which can be downloaded as a .wxl file from the Wixel User’s Guide. That app doesn’t have any kind of logic in it for receiving a character and incrementing it by 1, but you could do that from your mbed.

The Wixel connected to the computer (Wixel 1) should just be powered by USB. This will automatically put it into the USB-to-Radio serial mode, which is exactly what you want.

The Wixel ultimately connected to your mbed (let’s call it Wixel 2) should be powered from VIN but not USB; this will automatically put it into UART-to-Radio serial mode, which is exactly what you want. (If the auto-choosing feature is not convenient for you, you can use the Wixel Configuration Utility to pick a serial mode ahead of time and then it doesn’t really matter how you power the Wixels as long as you follow the general powering instructions in the Wixel user’s guide.)

Before you actually use an mbed, I recommend powering Wixel 2 from GND/VIN and connecting its TX (P1_6) line to its RX (P1_7) line. This is called a loopback test, and it will let you test the wireless serial connection. On your computer, you should be able to type a letter into your serial terminal and see it displayed (echoed) on your screen. Then when you disconnect the wire on Wixel 2’s RX/TX lines, the echoing should stop happening.

Please try that first, and let me know if you have any more questions.


P.S. Here’s another instructable in addition to the one that Jim linked to: … el-Transc/


Thanks for your reply. I now have the echo test working and have a better understanding of the Wireless serial app. I will begin to work on customizing the code for my use. I am uploading a pdf with some photos and screenshots that I hope will aid anyone else struggling with the settings and connections.

I appreciate the other instructable tutorial link you posted.


I had tried that instructable tutorial, but I could not get my wixels working. Thank you for your response.

Wireless_wixel_to_wixel_to_HyperTerminal_test.pdf (585 KB)

Hello, Diane. I am glad you were able to get things working, and thank you for making that nice tutorial! --David