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S9V11F5 with Large Output Capacitance

I understand that the product page for the S9V11F5 states that

Note that the startup current is limited to approximately 700 mA, and currents in excess of this are only available after the output has finished rising to 5 V. Large capacitive loads will generally not pose a problem because they will gradually charge up even with the current limit active…

In my application, due to some noisy devices, I’m looking to connect > 30mF of bulk capacitance to the output pin of a S9V11F5. The current limiting mode should prevent any damage, but I believe 30mF is way beyond what was considered when that statement was written.

As a sanity check, would I expect any damage/unexpected consequences from connecting such large capacitors to the output of a S9V11F5?


That is a pretty large capacitance. We did not test capacitances that large so we can’t say for sure if would cause any issues, but I do not expect it to damage the regulator.