S8V3A voltage regulator not supplying desired voltage

A couple of weeks back, I purchased a Pololu Step-up/Step-down adjustable voltage regulator (S8V3A).
Recently, the output voltage suddenly became erratic.
I’m using a 9v re-chargeable battery for VIN and have set the potentiometer for 12v output. When the battery is first connected and fully charged, there’s no problem. However, after about half a minute, the VOUT of the regulator suddenly dips to just 3.8v
Only once, while adjusting the potentiometer, did my screwdriver slip and briefly touch the board.
Could that have caused a problem?

Any help is most welcome. :slight_smile:


I am sorry you are having trouble with your regulator. It sounds like it might be going into thermal shutdown or that your supply voltage might be dropping. Can you measure the voltage on your battery while the regulator is outputting 3.8V and tell me what you get? Also, how much current are you drawing from your regulator during the half a minute of normal operation? What is your load?